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The Next Step in Our Successful 30-year Journey

Ever a pioneering influence throughout the collections industry, we originally introduced our proprietary TraceRent ™ program to meet the needs of thousands of multifamily housing properties whose residents vacate with outstanding balances. Utilizing a mix of proprietary systems, unconventional data sources, and proven processes, we are able to find and collect from residents that our competitors cannot locate.

While the TraceRent ™ program has proven to be one of our most successful initiatives to-date, we aren’t a company that rests on its laurels while our competitors play catch-up. We can always do more. And we’re already on our way.

Since we founded NCC Business Services 30 years ago, our success in the collections industry has always been realized by a combination of two key ingredients: our commitment to fostering positive consumer experiences and the drive to continuously identify and implement “better practices” for the benefit of our clients and customers, alike. We define our process simply: a client-centric approach. We create successful outcomes for both consumers and clients by focusing on building individual relationships with each side of the collections industry, respectfully.

Today, we invite you to learn more about our evolution and continued expansion into the Multifamily Housing vertical, as we continue to lead the collections industry by example – one client-centric experience at a time.