Asking all the right questions can make all the difference in ensuring you are working with the best multi-housing collection agency partner and maximizing your recoveries. Consider these questions:
  • Is your agency a specialist in multi-housing collections?
  • Does your agency have an A+ and/or excellent BBB rating?
  • Will your agency provide custom reports?
Use this checklist to see what your collection agency may not be providing and what opportunities for collections success you may be missing.
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Evaluating Your Collection Agency and Your Reports

The multi-housing collection industry can be convoluted and difficult to navigate. The lack of standardization in reporting within the industry has created an environment in which property managers receive information differently from their collection agency(s) with few key performance indicators to utilize for comparison and management purposes.

It’s no wonder it is difficult for a property manager to know if their collection agency’s performance is good, adequate, or if the agency is omitting select accounts falsely to improve recovery results. How do you know if the information you are viewing is 100% accurate? (Yes, unfortunately, this is happening in our industry.)

Better evaluation of a collection agency’s performance relies on knowing what questions to ask and what key performance indicators to look for.

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